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US-7209196-B2: Transparent protective film for polarizing plate, process for producing the same, polarizing plate, and optical film and liquid crystal display using polarizing plate patent, US-7240591-B2: Adjustable spanner patent, US-7253889-B2: Shaft cone metrology system and method patent, US-7370274-B1: System and method for formatting objects on a page of an electronic document by reference patent, US-7405830-B2: Vibration-insensitive interferometer patent, US-7408566-B2: Semiconductor device, LED print head and image-forming apparatus using same, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-7555963-B2: Torque sensor patent, US-7589680-B2: Antenna unit with a parasitic coupler patent, US-7597408-B2: Method for compensating regenerative braking amount when regenerative braking of vehicle fails patent, US-7614591-B2: Display with foldable base patent, US-7628267-B2: Installation for conveying goods patent, US-7643150-B2: Optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method patent, US-7668126-B2: Beacon coordination and medium access patent, US-7695057-B2: Reclosable fastener riser/spacer, and methods of constructing and utilizing same patent, US-7701609-B2: Image recorder patent, US-8010666-B2: Identification and tracking of digital content distributors on wide area networks patent, US-8118957-B2: Vibration welding method and vibration welding apparatus patent, US-8148433-B2: Concentrated inverse latex, process for preparing it and industrial use thereof patent, US-8167647-B1: Coaxial connector patent, US-8227709-B2: Printed wiring board, and design method for printed wiring board patent, US-8316788-B2: Collapsible kayak patent, US-8321696-B2: Method to support switchable graphics with one voltage regulator patent, US-8398497-B2: Twister ride system patent, US-8437151-B2: Self-excited switching power supply circuit patent, US-8505953-B2: Combination tool patent, US-6832910-B2: Piezoelectric lighter with improved safety patent, US-6840510-B2: Locomotive brake valve equipped with a range spring dampener patent, US-6935867-B1: Connection unit between substrated and component and method for fabricating connection unit patent, US-6956321-B2: Funnel for cathode ray tube and mold for making the same patent, US-7028984-B2: Flow control valve for gardening pipe patent, US-7055317-B2: Hydraulic module patent, US-7120891-B2: Master slice semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-7144666-B2: Toner used with electrophotography patent, US-7176672-B2: DC current sensor patent, US-7186304-B2: Carbo-nitrided case hardened martensitic stainless steels patent, US-7232153-B2: Leg protection device patent, US-7277538-B2: Distortion compensation in an acoustic echo canceler patent, US-7351106-B2: Electrical connector having an inner printed circuit board patent, US-7527381-B2: Optical system architecture patent, US-7530341-B2: Intake system patent, US-7633381-B2: Electronic key system for a leisure vehicle patent, US-7645641-B2: Cooling device with a preformed compliant interface patent, US-7667759-B2: Imaging apparatus that can display both real-time images and recorded images simultaneously patent, US-7699401-B2: Apparatus and method for attaching seat belt components patent, US-7728803-B2: Method and related apparatus for driving an LCD monitor patent, US-7857584-B2: Stator vane with localized reworking of shape, stator section, compression stage, compressor and turbomachine comprising such a vane patent, US-7952722-B2: Optical image measurement device patent, US-7986775-B2: Method for realizing ring back tone in communication system patent, US-8011875-B2: Controllable transmission system and method thereof patent, US-8079657-B2: Liquid sensing device and liquid container including the same patent, US-8263323-B2: Method of forming fine pattern using block copolymer patent, US-8300852-B2: Parameter setting apparatus and method for audio mixer patent, US-8325803-B2: Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program patent, US-8453673-B2: Valve cage for a pump patent, US-8515899-B2: Rapid caching and data delivery system and method patent, US-8553283-B2: Printing apparatus, printing apparatus control method, and storage medium allowing editing to an image formed in a region to be cut off during postprocessing patent, US-8624981-B2: Testing method for camera patent, US-6894998-B1: Asynchronous packet processing using media stream functions patent, US-6914201-B2: Multiple detent switch patent, US-6936360-B2: Method and apparatus for operating a fuel cell system patent, US-6946406-B2: Film forming apparatus and film forming method patent, US-7008335-B2: Golf tee patent, US-7054700-B2: Method and system for efficient order processing in a manufacturing environment patent, US-7090140-B2: Method and device for monitoring burners patent, US-7104085-B2: Combined ice and beverage dispenser and icemaker patent, US-7142954-B2: Model train controller interface device patent, US-7179935-B2: Method for producing isocyanates patent, US-7210947-B1: Cable harness system, ground clips and method for electrically grounding a conductor of the cable harness system patent, US-7399211-B1: Releasable mounting apparatus and trolling motor assembly patent, US-7416960-B2: Method for manufacturing SOI substrate patent, US-7445863-B2: Fuel cell with helical structure patent, US-7547349-B2: Method for supplying passengers of an aircraft with an oxygen-rich gas mixture patent, US-7681358-B1: Floral pot cover with elegant, brushed matte finish patent, US-7733362-B2: Optical writing device and image forming apparatus patent, US-7734777-B2: Systems and methods for monitoring components of a remote access server farm patent, US-7963166-B2: Ultrasonic fault detection system using a high dynamic range analog to digital conversion system patent, US-8040337-B2: Display device, controller driver and driving method for display panel patent, US-8084642-B2: Method of improving the crushing strength, impact resistance and compressibility of urea, and urea composition patent, US-8111120-B2: Electronic device patent, US-8170528-B2: Network access control patent, US-8212528-B2: Rechargeable battery protection integrated circuit device with a short circuit detecting voltage change part, rechargeable battery protection module using the rechargeable battery protection integrated circuit device with a short circuit detecting voltage change part, and battery pack with a short circuit detecting voltage change part patent, US-8227721-B2: Power line current interrupter having a vacuum switch chamber patent, US-8250649-B2: Securing system and method using a security device patent, US-8274471-B2: Liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same patent, US-8321304-B2: Stocked product sensing system patent, US-8356945-B2: Railway car roller bearing patent, US-8454772-B2: Process for the manufacturing of a decorative laminate provided with an aligned surface structure patent, US-8458663-B2: Static code analysis patent, US-8462188-B2: Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same patent, US-8497680-B2: Magnetic resonance method for quantification of molecular diffusion using double echo steady state sequences patent, US-8511421-B1: Acoustic sources patent, US-8514142-B1: Reconfigurable surface reflector antenna patent, US-8561413-B2: System for powering a vehicle patent, US-6861902-B2: Self oscillating power amplifier patent, US-7024932-B2: Device for detecting electromagnetically the level of a material which is conductive, or made conductive, particularly molten glass patent, US-7131407-B2: Valve operating system for internal combustion engine patent, US-7158165-B2: Laser beam scanner patent, US-7261082-B2: Throttle valve control device patent, US-7314064-B2: Gate valve cable assembly patent, US-7340208-B2: Method and apparatus for electrostatographic printing with generic color profiles and inverse masks based on receiver member characteristics patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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